Friday, March 9, 2012

Fun with Math!

My 6 year old came home from school with a letter describing the Math unit his class was working on.  The theme was “How Many Do You Have” and focused on combinations, counting, addition and subtraction.  The students count sets of up to 20 objects, making sense of addition and subtraction through story problems and games that ask them to combine or separate small amounts.
What better thing to sort and count in our house than LEGO©! I mean it is seeping through the wall we have so much of the stuff and it comes in so many arrays of colors.

So my son and I came up with the following game to help him practice math:

Color Toss: A Kindergarten Math Game

First grab an empty drink mix container to use as a shaker.  Then place different colored pieces of LEGO© inside.
Hold the lid on and shake! (This seems to be the fun part.) 
 Toss the LEGO© pieces onto a base plate or piece of paper will do.
 Sort ONLY the pieces that fall onto the base plate/paper, that way you don’t have to add or change the colors every time they toss it.

Sort each color
Record how many of each color.
Color Chart PDF

It’s as simple as that!  We had all sorts of fun talking about amounts, adding the different colors together and taking some away.  Eventually my son started creating and answering addition and subtraction equations with his “How many do you have” results. This was a great way to learn math (without the kids realizing it) and have fun at the same time.

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