Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Family Lenten Journey

Our Family Lenten Journey

On Ash Wednesday, we hide the Alleluia.  I just made a simple banner of card stock, gold flowers, gold glitter and yarn.  I had a plain wooden box which I decorated with a cross. For a nice explanation on hiding or burying the Alleluia go to amongstlovelythings.com Thanks Sarah!

We of course have our "Walk the Lenten Path Magnetic Calendar" found here at Gaels Crafty Treasures.

To help us give Alms we have the Rice bowl provided by our church. For more info on the CRS Rice Bowl look here.

For Prayers we have our family prayer jar.  I used an empty candy jar and decorated it with some Irish flare.  I found 40 inspiring prayers at weelittlemiracles.com Thank you Erin! I printed the prayers on purple card stock, cut into strips and then placed them into the jar.  

On Easter Sunday we can hang the Alleluia banner to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. 

Other Easter artwork and printables can be found here. Or follow me on Pinterest  :-)

Wishing you a prayerful, giving and loving Lenten journey with your family this year. God Bless



  1. Hopping over from Catholic Inspired's Lent Link up. You have so many great ideas here! I was especially thrilled to see your Lenten Path printable; I've been looking for something like that to use with my daughter. Thank you so much. Just followed you on Pinterest and subscribing via RSS Feed.

    Cheryl Basile

  2. lovely lenten activities for your family.

  3. Wow, what a great collection of ideas! I'm so grateful to Catholic Inspired's Lent Link Up for connecting me to your blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. My little one is only 18 months and I'm already wanting to do all these great little activities! I even saw a box at the dollarstore the other day and my first thought was "Wouldn't that be great for a "hide the alleluia box?!" LOL, gettin' a bit ahead of myself I think!
    Thank you for your lovely ideas!
    - Jenny

  5. Do I have to pay to print your printable activities? I thought Scribd was free to print but it keeps telling me that I have to sign up as a premium member.

    1. No they are free found here http://gaelstreasures.blogspot.com/search/label/Easter
      I'm not sure what Scribd is.