Friday, March 8, 2013

A map of Ireland turned into a reading nook and more...

We started with a map of Ireland that the boys bought Daddy for Christmas.  Of course we had to get the homeland framed. And it just had to go in the formal living room. Where else would be proper? LOL
Something just didn't look right to me but the Hubby loved it there.  Then, I had this great idea for a reading nook / corner.  The living room is much quieter than the family room and the office didn't have the space. And so the reading nook project began.
First we needed an ottoman.

I transformed this old dinning room chair...

into a new (but weathered look) footstool / ottoman.

First I cut the back off with a saw, then I cut the legs down a couple inches.  Spray painted it cream and then sanded to give it the weathered look.

I picked up 1 yard of gold curtain material from the scrap pile at our local hobby store for just $3.50 and a piece of 2" thick foam.  After I removed the old cushion cover, I recovered the wood base with the new foam and material.

Then I just attached it back to the base with the original screws  I think it turned out pretty good for my first furniture conversion.

So back to the corner with the map.  
I found a cute little side table at Target that was the same color paint used on the footstool, placed it under the framed map with some books and a clock.  I also found an inexpensive lamp that can be used for reading or turned to light up the map.  And voilà…that is how a map of Ireland turned a corner in my living room into a reading nook.  

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