Friday, May 31, 2013

Play Ball! Baseball wreath

Very easy baseball wreath.

Items needed:
Red yarn
Red ribbon
Yarn Needle

 Double sided tape

 Straight pins

Play Ball! Free printable PDF

Baseball Soaker Balls

Baseball beads

Thread the red yarn onto the yarn needle.  Work the needle through the center of all 12 soaker balls and the tie it off tight leaving yarn to string the baseball beads onto.  Thread both ends of the attached yarn onto the yarn needle and string your baseball beads to desired length. Tie off making a loop so it can hang on a hook or nail.  Print and cut out the Play Ball! PDF attached to the red ribbon with double sided tape then pin the banner to the wreath in desired position and cut to size.  And there you have it!  Easy yet great for baseball season or a baseball party.
*I used the soaker balls because I needed something very light so I can hang it on a command strip.

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